Office 9-2-5 collection by Sophie Beer

Another day in the office. Another Monday. A messy Monday. Where did I leave the rubber bands again? Oh, the boss is in, where is my tissue, s/he is gonna make me wheep again, or wipe her/his spilled coffee… Trouble in the office? You are a messy but you like doing your job well? You want to appear stylish and be organised at the same time?

There is a solution for everything…Find a full collection of jewellery pieces dedicated to the office girl and her collegues. Your pens will stay in line on a sharp brooch, your colourful rubber bands are decorating your ear while waiting to be applied otherwise and a paper tissue for all occasions is dangling down an elegant chain around your neck. Invisible when necessary but always there to solve every occurring problem. Just like you.

This functional jewellery collection is yours, for everyday, for a little fun and delight – these are your helpers from 9-2-5. Also on Mondays.

Earrings: Hold Me Tight (Rubberbands attached)
Brooch: Sign Here, Please (Multiple Penholder)
Rigid Necklace: Don’t Measure Me (Ruler Pendant)
Necklace / Pendant: Paper Pin Up (Cardholder)
Necklace / Pendant: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Coffee (Paper Tissue Holder)
Ring: Read My Lips (Mirror)