Necklace / Pendant: Don’t Cry Over Spilled Coffee


Don’t Cry Over Spilled Coffee; 2014, necklace with paper tissue holder pendant, Silver 925, 11,5 x 5,5 x 0,4 cm, chain 58 cm

This pendant is a real life saver. Spilled coffee? Wheeping because your boss was mean and it is just one of these days? You can always carry a handkerchief, elegantly hidden around your neck for all kinds of occasions and don’t have to lose time searching your pockets or handbag. I darkened the saw piercing on top so it will allow a beautiful interplay with the white of the handkerchief. The texture on the frame is giving it a smooth touch and reminds of the surface of the handkerchief itself. The chain of irregular rings is easy to open where it attaches to the pendant.