About Me

Sophie Beer, Jewellery Artist


Born 1984 in Vienna, Austria.
Lives and works in Florence, Italy.

Educated as a stage dancer and art historian. Sophie Beer starts to follow her third passion in jewellery design and goldsmithing in 2012 at Le Arti Orafe Contemporary Jewellery School (LAO) in Florence, Italy. Throughout her study years she conducts a professional career in art history for a private collection, cultural management for the Wiener Festwochen and jewellery sales and design at Kaufhaus Schiepek in Vienna as well as an assistant project coordinator at LAO in Florence. She finds that her work and life experience, that allows her to be part of different worlds and cultures, as well as her approach to art and the human body blends perfectly in her work as a jewellery artist. In 2015, she finished her practical training and starts to promote herself as an upcoming jewellery artist.

About me

I do everything with passion. Even if it is silly everyday things that I repeat so often, that I do not have to think about them anymore and my body memory does them for me. For hanging the laundry I use multicolored clothespins of my grandmother. They look nice and they connect me to my family history. They tell about being a woman. They tell about being part of a family, of a culture. These little things make me feel alive and make me realize and live the moment. I need to enjoy everyday things, because they need to get done anyways, but its those repetitions that make us feel numb after a while. So I try to interrupt normality in order to make life enjoyable everyday.

Artists Statement:

I see jewellery as an extension of our bodies, in our physical and mental dimension, expressing facets of our personality. The jewellery I like to make is about choosing what you want to show and communicate of yourself, in order to transcend boundaries between mind, body and soul and between you and others. My jewellery tells stories to those who listen, shows emotions to those who feel. I think there is a beautiful power in communicating something personal, something hidden, something private through jewellery. It is a safe place to expose something, that we want to share maybe only to selected people, who know to read it. Eventually we will discover that we all suffer from the same fear to share being only human or enjoy the same crazy small things, that give us pleasure.